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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Second Drednaught

This bad boy will be from the AOBR box but with a slight conversion he will have a deathwind pod from the drop pod in place of the storm bolter.

Also I have started Thousand sons to go toe to toe with my partners Space Wolves. Sofar I have started a terminator lord who I will name Tyberious who is a Lantant Psyker and survived the Rubric of Ahriman spell.

And a Sorcerer who sofar does not have a name.

Starting Out.

First I started out with the first unforgiven (Dark Angles) with a Drednaught and a tactical squad, so I removed the DA bits from the drednaught and started pimping it up with 2 smoke launchers.

I have an odd way to get a nice bone colour (Sorry to the guys from the USA im based in the UK) start with Hammerfall Khaki, 'Jack Bone, Menoth White base and Menoth White Highlight. For scrolls and the like just add a wash of Devlan Mud. As soon as I can get sorted out picts will be taken.

My partner wants to start 40k so he has ordered the Space Wolves battlebox from GiftsforGeeks.org.uk and AOBR box.