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Sunday, 15 August 2010


Im doing some work for my friends hubby and wants his tanks et all as space wolves,

the problem is he has primed them white, and I have to go over with it with black should I charge extra to go over them in black?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

SodaPop Miniatures

Greetings Fizzheads!

A tremendous week has passed for our humble effort.  Soda Pop Miniatures stood up and waved our flag at the US's largest consumer games show for those that are cut from our cloth... be it minis, cards, rpgs, or wearing a pointed wizards hat to a $50 a plate steak restaraunt, Gencon had something for everyone.

Soda Pop Miniatures was proud to make two announcements, which we will roll out to a more broad audience over the next weeks... we are going to be launching a few games... thats right, I said games.

(1) We are proud to announce "Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity", set for release in 2011, this skirmish game is the reason for collecting and playing with our crazy line of soda pop miniatures.  We want to bring anime mayhem to your tabletop, devastating combos, characters that leap through fireballs unscathed, duels that move around the tabletop like a pinball machine, spry and nimble anime vixens, giant robots, pirates, ninjas, aliens, and madness... pure madness.  Set in our unique and expanding universe, Relic Knights has been proving to be a remarkable and refreshing system in development.  More to come as

(2)  We are even more proud to unveil "Super Dungeon Explore".  This range of fantasy themed miniatures are the start of a large collection of Chibi/Super Deformed characters for your RPG and tabletop games.  They are devilishly cute, we completely sold out of the things before the convention was out, with people clamoring for more!  Check out some of the great coverage (and highly unfortunate lighting in my interview) about our product, the demo we were running, and what is in store. http://www.beastsofwar.com/gencon2010/soda-pop-miniatures-meets-bow-pop/ 

Color photos will soon be available.
As always, we are here to respond to your inquiries, its a busy week as we get things going, and we wanted that you were the first to know.

All the best, 

John Cadice
Creative Director - Owner
Soda Pop Miniatures
425 260 4638

"Pop-the-Top on your first Soda Pop!"

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blood Angel Death Company

I ordered the box on monday, it arrived today only to find that one of the helmets was missing this was from a sealed box. So I have to spend money to go to Bath GW to get a replacement.

The helmet that was missing was the one that has 3 blood blood drops on the left hand side, it's a shame that they dont have a bits service any more.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

deathwatch stats thanks to Luner Hound.

Deathwatch members are volunteers from Space Marine Chapters that rigidly adhere to the Codex Astartes. 
Because teams are made up of battle brothers from several Chapters, it is essential they follow a similar doctrine. On the Eastern 
Fringe of the Imperium, the Inquisitorial Fortress at Talasa Prime has recruited, trained, and equipped Kill Teams from the 
Ultramarines, Scythes of the Emperor, and Lamenters Chapters for service against the Tyranids. 
There are two ways that members of the Deathwatch can be incorporated into normal Warhammer 40,000 armies. 
The first is to use an entire team of Deathwatch Space Marines. Up to one Kill Team can be included in any Imperium army 
as an HQ choice (an army list entry follows). 

For this purpose, an Imperium army will consist of any Space Marine army picked from only Codex Space Marines*, any 
Imperial Guard army (including Catachans, Steel Legion, and the like), or any Inquisitorial army (Daemonhunters, Witch 
Hunters, or Alien Hunters). As an alternative to fielding entire Kill Teams, you may upgrade one or more members of 
any Space Marine army selected from only Codex Space Marines* to members of Deathwatch. Only Independent Characters or 
members of Headquarters, Veteran or Tactical Squads can be upgraded, and they must wear the distinctive Deathwatch shoulder pad. 
Deathwatch members must be armed with a bolter or a combi-weapon with a bolter component. It costs 5 points to make a model a Deathwatch Veteran (there is no 
change to its profile). Each may then select one of the following ammunition types at the cost specified in the squad rules opposite. 

• M.40 targeter with auto-sense link and Stalker silenced shells 
• Metal storm ammunition 
• Inferno bolts 
• Kraken bolts 

This ammunition may be used only with a bolter or the bolter component of a combiweapon. 
As a reward for services provided, when the Deathwatch member returns to regular service with his Chapter, these rare 
ammunition types are made available in limited numbers. 

*Deathwatch Space Marines are, of course, recruited from all different Chapters, including Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and 
the like. However, the discipline and training of such individuals are legendary among their own brethren. Thus, for the purposes of 
the article, we’ve covered only “Codex” Deathwatch. Other Chapters with their own Codexes get plenty of extras already! 

Captain 60 5 5 4 4 2 5 3 9 3+ 
Veteran Space Marine 30 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+ 
Space Marine 20 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+ 

The Deathwatch Squad consists of one Space 
Marine Captain and between 4 and 9 
Deathwatch Space Marines. The Captain (or 
Librarian) is an Independent Character and 
may not leave the squad. If all the members 
of his squad are killed, he acts as an 
Independent Character as normal. 

Bolter and close combat weapon, frag 
grenades, melta-bombs. 

• The Captain may select items from the 
Space Marine Armory. 

• The Captain can be upgraded to a Librarian 
(Codicier) at +40 points. As a Librarian, he 
is equipped with a force weapon and 
psychic hood. He may use the Psychic 
Power Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath. He 
may replace this power with an alternative 
power at the points cost listed on p. 21 of 
Codex: Space Marines. He may select 
“Librarian only” items from the Space 
Marine Armory.
• Any squad members can be upgraded to 
Veterans at +10 points. 

• Up to two Space Marines can be armed 
with a special weapon from the following 
list. The special weapon replaces their 
bolter. Heavy bolter with Hellfire ammo and 
suspensors at +15 pts; M.40 targeter, 
bolter, and ammo at +10 pts; plasma gun 
at +6 pts; meltagun at +10 pts; flamer 
at +3 pts. 

• Any Veteran can be armed with a weapon 
from the following list unless he is also 
armed with a special weapon. The new 
weapon replaces the model’s close combat 
weapon: power fist at +25 pts; lightning 
claw at +25 pts; pair of lightning claws at 
+30 pts (replaces both bolter and close 
combat weapon); power weapon 
at +15 pts. 

• All models not armed with a special/Veteran 
weapon may be issued with one of the 
following special ammo types: metal storm 
ammunition at +5 pts; inferno bolts at +5; 
or kraken bolts at +5 pts. Note that the 
same ammo must be used throughout 
the squad. 

True Grit. All Deathwatch Marines have 
True Grit. See the Universal Special 
Rules section of the Warhammer 
40,000 rulebook. 

Transport. A Deathwatch Kill Team may 
be mounted in a Rhino at +50 pts. If the 
Squad numbers six models or less, then 
they may be mounted in a Razorback at 
+70 points. A Deathwatch Kill Team may 
be mounted in a Drop Pod as described 
in Codex: Space Marines. 
Deep Strike. The Deathwatch has many 
ways of reaching a battlefield by surprise. 
Unless a squad is mounted in a Rhino, it 
may always start the game in Reserve 
and arrive by Deep Strike. Whether the 
squad does so by teleporter, termite, 
alien technology, or grav-chute is up to 
the player. 

• Heavy Bolter. The heavy bolter is potentially a very versatile 
weapon if equipped with an additional suspensor unit that 
provides just enough stability to allow it to be fired on the move. 
The effective range is reduced, but the weapon gains the ability to 
provide suppressive fire while advancing. Kill Teams often operate 
alone, a fact that justifies the use of the increasingly rare 
suspensor units. 

Range: 18" Strength: 5 AP: 4 Assault 3 
• Hellfire Round. The heavy bolter is also capable of firing the 
Hellfire round, a ceramic sheath that shatters into thousands of 
needle-like shards on contact, penetrates the hide of the target, 
and carries mutagenic acid into the enemy’s blood stream. The 
acid is so powerful that even the most enormous creature is 
vulnerable. A Hellfire round is loaded and fired singly. It always 
wounds on a 2+ regardless of the target’s Toughness. 
Range: 36" Strength: 5 AP: 4 Blast, Heavy 1 

• Bolter with M.40 Targeter. A normal bolter equipped with an M.40 
targeter with auto-sense link and Stalker silenced shells acts as a 
perfectly satisfactory sniper weapon. In this mode, the bolter is a 
Heavy 2 weapon that causes Pinning Tests but is otherwise 
identical in terms of range, accuracy, and Strength to a 
normal bolter. 

• Metal Storm Ammunition. A bolter loaded with metal storm 
ammunition may be fired from the hip with remarkable accuracy. 
The metal storm shells explode in proximity to the enemy, their 
fragmentation casing making pinpoint accuracy unnecessary. The 
penetrative and destructive qualities of the round suffer as a 

Range: 18" Strength: 3 AP: – Assault 2 
• Inferno Bolts. A bolter loaded with Inferno rounds can cause far 
more horrific wounds than a conventionally loaded bolter. The bolt 
is loaded with an oxy-phosphor gel. Reroll any failed rolls to 
wound (but not failed vehicle Armor Penetration rolls). 
Range: 24" Strength: 4 AP: 5 Rapid Fire 

• Kraken Bolts. A bolter loaded with a Kraken penetrator round is 
capable of piercing the toughest hide thanks to its adamantine 
core and improved propellant. 
Range: 30" Strength: 4 AP: 4 Rapid Fire