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Thursday, 12 August 2010

SodaPop Miniatures

Greetings Fizzheads!

A tremendous week has passed for our humble effort.  Soda Pop Miniatures stood up and waved our flag at the US's largest consumer games show for those that are cut from our cloth... be it minis, cards, rpgs, or wearing a pointed wizards hat to a $50 a plate steak restaraunt, Gencon had something for everyone.

Soda Pop Miniatures was proud to make two announcements, which we will roll out to a more broad audience over the next weeks... we are going to be launching a few games... thats right, I said games.

(1) We are proud to announce "Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity", set for release in 2011, this skirmish game is the reason for collecting and playing with our crazy line of soda pop miniatures.  We want to bring anime mayhem to your tabletop, devastating combos, characters that leap through fireballs unscathed, duels that move around the tabletop like a pinball machine, spry and nimble anime vixens, giant robots, pirates, ninjas, aliens, and madness... pure madness.  Set in our unique and expanding universe, Relic Knights has been proving to be a remarkable and refreshing system in development.  More to come as

(2)  We are even more proud to unveil "Super Dungeon Explore".  This range of fantasy themed miniatures are the start of a large collection of Chibi/Super Deformed characters for your RPG and tabletop games.  They are devilishly cute, we completely sold out of the things before the convention was out, with people clamoring for more!  Check out some of the great coverage (and highly unfortunate lighting in my interview) about our product, the demo we were running, and what is in store. http://www.beastsofwar.com/gencon2010/soda-pop-miniatures-meets-bow-pop/ 

Color photos will soon be available.
As always, we are here to respond to your inquiries, its a busy week as we get things going, and we wanted that you were the first to know.

All the best, 

John Cadice
Creative Director - Owner
Soda Pop Miniatures
425 260 4638

"Pop-the-Top on your first Soda Pop!"

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