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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wayland Games.

It's Richard here again, and its been a while since I last contributed to a newsletter, thank god most of you will have said. Before I jump into the pre orders and new releases info we want to just keep you up to speed of our activities at Wayland HQ. It is 2 years since we opened our site (well, a little more than that) and every day is both a challenge and a surprise. A challenge as we are continuing to grow, and a surprise as we genuinely are touched by the loyalty shown to us by our customers. So I want to personally offer you all a big thank you from everyone here at Wayland.

You have probably heard me bleat on about our new website etc about a million times, so I won't go on too much. We have started and thrown away developments almost continuously as our requirements have changed over time. I think we have got it right this time and this will soon become evident.. I hope you will agree with us when we launch at the end of November. The amount of work that has gone into this endless process has been huge. It seemed such a simple undertaking when it started. However we are nearly there and the time now will be spent testing and readying the warehouse for the new site and processes.

Unless you have been on holiday for a long while or perhaps you have been living in a cave as a hermit, the Dark Eldar and their spikey bits are making a return in November. You can of course pre order them below. There are lots of preview images around which we are unable to link to but trust us they are spikey.

You can pre-order Dark Eldar here

Considering the first minis only hit the shelves a year ago those boys at Mantic sure have been busy – and we thought now was a very good time to see what they have been up to...
The Zombies

Here at Wayland we get to see all the best toy soldiers that hit the market but it has been a while since we saw anything quite as good as these. These Zombie models are just astounding. I’ll say no more – just have a look...
They come in sensible sized units (30 and 60) and they will fit perfectly into any game or an army from pretty much any supplier, and come with optional 20mm bases for use in the major games system. And as you’d expect from Mantic – they are very reasonably priced. The 60 man set is just 50pence per figure!
To go alongside the Zombie release Mantic have also put out a great value Undead Army set with 110 miniatures for just £ 38.00. The box includes 30 of the fantastic new Zombies, 20 of the Ghouls (which can be cross converted with the Zombies), 2 x 20 figure Skeleton regiments and a 20-strong Armoured Skeleton unit, a very nice Undead army in a box!

Mhorgoths Revenge:
Mantic are also just about to launch their own fantasy battle game – Mhorgoths Revenge. At a stunning £33.80 with rules, dice and 100 minis we think this offers great value. The rules are simple and well laid out, and written by none other than Alessio Cavatore (of 40k and Warhammer fame). If you have ever thought about giving fantasy battle a whirl, this set is a great way to start - and is also just a super way to get 100 Dwarf and Undead models. With rumours of cross-over army lists and the rest of the range being so reasonable the sky is the limit when it comes to huge armies and big battles!

Dwarf Kings War Counsel:
A great Army needs great leaders so here we go with the management team for your Dwarf army, and it’s shipping now for just £10.49. See them here.
Oh, and some other companies have released a bunch of stuff too, but it is all rubbish compared to the Mantic product!*

I am owed beer for putting that in btw.. Thank you Ronnie

MANTIC Journal No 2

Finally Issue two of the Mantic Journal is just about to hit the shelves, and not only does it have a heap of great pages about Mantic, there is also an in-depth feature about Hasslefree Miniatures – another miniature line you can get direct from Wayland. And to celebrate this wonderful little Hobby magazine, that champions and supports the up and coming gaming companies, Wayland will be dropping a free copy into every order for the next couple of weeks!

Did you also know you can buy from Wayland on Ebay?
We have a store!.. I know you know but it is worth a visit. If you are lucky you might catch Adam doing some work.. sorry if I am lucky I meant. Come and visit us at:

Wayland Games Store, 22 Parkside Centre, Potters Way, Temple Farm, Southend-On-Sea, Essex

The store is small but you have acdess to 5000sq foot of miniatures stacked floor to ceiling behind.
We have a large restock coming and at long last the 1520xl's will be instock hoepfully by the end of October.

If you have a store local to you, you may want to point them at distribution@waylandgames.co.uk

If a store starts stocking the product because you referred them we will send you a gift.

And Romeo from Battlefoam was over in the UK last week telling us about all his future plans.. so watch this space.