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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blood Angel Death Company

I ordered the box on monday, it arrived today only to find that one of the helmets was missing this was from a sealed box. So I have to spend money to go to Bath GW to get a replacement.

The helmet that was missing was the one that has 3 blood blood drops on the left hand side, it's a shame that they dont have a bits service any more.


Karitas said...

If you email or ring GW customer services they are usually very good about posting this kind of ting out promptly, potentially saving you the trip.

I say as instore the response you are likely to get is "ring customer services" :)

Derina said...

the thing is i'd like to get the box asap as I'm going to use the thunder hammer with my master of the forge and the and the melta pistols are going for my Iron Warriors.