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Sunday, 12 December 2010


Cant sleep tonight, that's 4 night in a row.... must be my appointment to get my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday morning ....

Any how I have been working on Brother Master Libby Obi-Wan with the "These are not the droids your looking for ... Move along." With the classic wave of the hand.

The test mini came out darker than planned but I dont care they are my minis shame there is no Scorpion green primer out there (Hint Army Painter).

Got one of the chapterhouse jump packs primed at about 01:30 ish GMT.

My thanks go out to Pappa JJ who is naming a Libby after me.

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Papa JJ said...

You're very welcome, thank you for all the help sorting out the painting and other details for my Badab project. It would have been so frustrating waiting on Forge World had you not been there to answer my questions. You've definitely earned an honorary place with my Raptors, thanks!

Oh and I hope things go well for you on Tuesday, take care!