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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Waiting on

I ordered some green primer on tuesday afternoon, still no green primer blasted snow up north, why cant the post office add flame throweres to the vans to clear the roads.

Planning on doing some test minis for the Sons of Madusa from the Badab war books, but need to get hands on IA 10 when it pops onto the shelves of GW.

Im using .. or going to use the way GD did located in the Dakka Dakka forums.

Hope all my friends had a good thanks giving on the 25th of November and all in Canada had in October.

1 comment:

Papa JJ said...

I'm excited to see what direction you go in, best of luck to you getting everything together that you will need. Sons of Medusa would be a really cool chapter to see you work on, I don't think I've ever seen an army of them in person. I sympathize with you having to wait on your supplies, though the idea of arming postal vans with flamethrowers does seem a bit frightening. Take care, Derina!