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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Arrived thanks to the whip cracking from Paul Tooey from Wayland Games, so got the marine (Semper Fields Hoora!!) primed and thaka green washed and went to put on the Scorpion green and that did not go on well (boo hiss) so need to get a pot of Snot green (Who the frack comes up with the names of the pant? Must be on drugs if you ask me)

Got an assault squad today they are going to have pre heresy jump packs that i got from Chapterhouse stuidos.

Now to add the metal bits to the resin thats the vanes ... well only need to do 4 packs.


Gyro said...

Those are some pretty sweet looking jump packs, can't wait to see what's next.

Papa JJ said...

That's great news, glad to know you're back in business with the painting. Those assault marines are going to look fantastic with such cool jump packs. Way to go, Derina!