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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I called GW

Mail order to find out if they were going to update the razorback kit to 5th edition.

"I dont know if they are, but you could get the crusader upgrade kit." was the respopnce on the other end of my mobile.

If I did get the upgrade kit it will leave me with parts I wont use as im not going to get any Land Raiders since I wont be fielding any Terminators due to the dropsite massacre during the the events in the fantastic book "Fulgrim."

any thoughts from you guys?


eriochrome said...

If you are looking for Assualt cannons the Dark Angel speeders had the option for twinlinked assault cannons to make the Super Speeder.

You could get some of these and convert them into a normal razorback turret by adding the spinning barrels to modified heavy bolter base.

You can still get them in the dark angel biker squad which would then leave you with bikes you might not use but might be able to trade to people. Or you could look for people who have extra of these guns from making Marine biker armies.

Derina said...

I put a request out on the barter bucket.