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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What do you listen to or watch while painting?

On my Laptop at the moment is Ministry live, that reminds me I must look for my other Ministry Cd's. Yes Im a metal head

there is also the cult classic or one season wander and a movie Firefly and Serenity.

And season 7 of NCIS and NCIS L.A.


Itkovian said...

I listen to a bunch of podcasts - chief of which are Worlds End Radio and Dice Like Thunder (though I'm drifting from them over to Imperial Vox Cast).

When I'm out of episodes, and can't find a podiobook I fancy, I'll listen to stuff like Paradise Lost, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Static-X, Fear Factory, Daft Punk, Rob/White Zombie, NIN, a bunch of game soundtracks (loves me RPGs and strategy games, me does...) and just about anything that takes my fancy (my tastes have sort of mellowed out in recent years... :D)

Derina said...

A friend of mine in the us is sending me one of the ncis cd's

Ithmaril said...

- listening to 40k radio.
- chatting with fellow players and painters- although this one's rather distracting.
- watching Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, or just random TV (when I'm really bored)
- listening to various instrumental movie/video game soundtracks I've collected over the years. Next to 40k radio, this one works the best for sheer productivity.

Itkovian said...

40k Radio? Really? Fair enough, Ith'... Personally, they do my head in - whole series of episodes on single books, going through each entry individually and getting most of the rules wrong because they don't seem to have a single book between them...

Have you tried any other podcasts?

Ithmaril said...

I'm the first one to admit that I prefer 40k radio for reasons that may sound off and overly subjective. Mainly, it's because I like the host's humour and style, and the community surrounding it.

I've sparsely tried out other 40-k related podcasts, and either didn't find the hosts too sympathetic or enjoyable to listen to, or the topics were too widespread into other games- a bad thing only because I'm so weak and can't afford to be hooked on other stuff than 40k for reasons of time and cash.

I'm not out for actual informational value or news here- that's what I get from my "morning newspaper" routine of blogs and newssites (it's just more informative and fresh than any podcast can be, as long as there's no 24/7 one), and whenever I need serious stretegical or hobby advice, I look it up as soon as I need it in places I trust.

It's really about listening to some almost drunk, likable guys chatting and joking about 40k-related topics. I find that relaxig.

Itkovian said...

Fair play dude, whatever works for you! It's funny, I really want to branch out into other games, but can never seem to find the time to do so... Too many 40k projects yanking me this way and that... :D

I take it NCIS is a good show then, Dee?

Derina said...

It is mate, been watching the B5 reruns on fx as well.