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Monday, 22 February 2010

Why cant GW do kits...

That have all the options for the model like the Razorback in the 5th edition marine codex has options for assualt cannons, twin linked plasma guns and a las cannon, for me this urks me off something cronic.

What are your thoughs? Are you urked off like me?


Big Jim said...

I feel you Dee, I really do! It is really irritating that we must convert more than half of the weapons options if we want to use them.

I'm a dieing for the day the GW re-cuts the Razorback kit.


Derina said...

I have to wait untill bitsandkits stocks up on assault cannons so I can get some for Alpha 1 and 2.

Anonymous said...

I agree - but us Space Marine players are laughing compared to other Armies.

I make sure that I don't glue my bits like that on - so I have twin assault cannons, lascannons and heavy bolters - and am thinking of getting FW bits to double up on items I want to use.

Derina said...

when there was a shortage of missile launcers on the metal scouts I think I was the one who had a missile launcher from the old metal shock troops in place of a bolt pistol. (this was in the 1990's)