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Friday, 12 February 2010

Went out shopping once more today

I went into town with the sniffles and headed to to the local pharmacy 3 miles away in Frome to get something for a cold and some bread.

Also went to the Frome model center as well there was a toss up between a land speeder storm or a razorback, I wanted both but could only afford one or the other so ended up with a razorback.

So what needs to be made up now is as follows:

rhino, razorback, 10 man Assault squad, 6 man Combat squad, a scout squad and 2 tactical squads 1 of the squads has the Iron Hands Upgrade kit.

What is made is a 6 man Terminator Squad inc assault cannon, 2 dreds brothers Bill and Ben and a Terminator Libby.

Thats just mine.

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